Ba Hang Fishing Village – An Idyllic Village in Halong Bay

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Ba Hang fishing village is one of destinations that attracts both Vietnamese tourists and foreigners. Whether embarking into a Vietnam tour packages, following cliff path or hiring a boat, there are a number of ways to reach intrigue of Ba Hang fishing village. Tourists are able to enjoy a unique vibe of fishing village and taste the famous, cheap and fresh seafood of all varieties of cooking.

Ba Hang fishing village is an idyllic fishing village, located along the Bay with a touching of Thien Cung cave – an incredibly marvelous cave in Halong Bay. There are originally about 50 households at the fishing village. However, recently, due to tourism development, ┬áthe fishing village board up to cater to tourists and many households have also gradually shifted to tourism.

Ba Hang fishing village
Ba Hang fishing village

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When visiting Ba Hang fishing village, visitors will certainly be surprised when witnessing a simplicity of life in the village. The members of a family in the fishing village of just living together in the houses which are only about 5-10 m2 wide and household affairs are all simple. People here experience a bit hard life yet is some of the most welcoming and friendly souls you will ever meet.

Ba Hang fishing village attract tourists to Ha Long tourism not only by peaceful atmosphere but also the charming mountain scenery and basket-shaped boats.

As it becomes dark, visitors will have a pleasant experience when being self-drop operation nets. Next day, visitors can participate in boating and going surround of the island to discover more the beauty of Ha Long Bay.