One Day In Halong- What Should To Do?

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

Visit caves

Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island in the center of the bay. This is a large cave and one of the most beautiful bays of Halong Bay. The way to Sung Sot Cave is winding under layers of forest trees, twisty with stone steps. The cave is divided into two main compartments; the entire first compartment is compared as a large theater with cave ceiling which is covered with stalactites, stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers, etc. It opens up a fairy world.

In addition to the caves, visitors also have the opportunity to visit many beautiful and charming caves like Bo Nau cave; Hanh Cave is a beautiful cave and the longest one in Ha Long Bay, Virgin cave; Trong cave, etc.

Halong cave
Halong cave

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Night in Halong

Night squid fishing at sea in days of no moon light, hooks are shaped like shrimp, under the light of headlamps; squids shall see hooks as shrimps and obediently snapped their preys.

Fishing is not unfamiliar to many people, just a bamboo fishing rod and a few baits, however, squid fishing is a great experience that many people do not want to miss while in Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh province).

squid fishing
squid fishing

After dinner, all passengers on cruises staying overnight on the bay shall eagerly wait to attractive activity of fishing squid.

The rod for fishing squid is made of hard bamboo trees. The hooks for fishing squid look like shrimp shape as a fake bait Especially, squid fishing does not need bait, just need high-voltage lights with white light to attract attention of squids.

Today, squid fishing boats are equipped with modern equipment, the giant battery and system of high-voltage lights for fishing squids by night.

For passengers, it does not matter how many squid they fish because the experience on the bay at night really brings them great feelings.