Detailed Guides On How To Book A Cruise

Paradise Privilege Cruise
Paradise Privilege Cruise

Step 1: Search and select your favorite Halong bay cruise

Access to website where you can find different categories in details, they are carefully arranged from luxury, Deluxe, Budget, Private cruises to Family, Honeymoon, Small Group cruises. You can find cruises with best appealing promotions.

The most popular Halong bay cruises:

  • Violet Cruise Halong
  • Paradise Luxury Cruise
  • Signature Royal Cruise
  • Indochina Sails
  • Orchid Cruise
  • La Fairy Cruise
  • Stellar Cruise
  • Glory Legend Cruise
Halong cruise
Halong cruise

Step 2: Check rates and choose your best cabin

Select a Halong Bay Cruise and check its information. All details are supplied such as the cruise’s and cabins’ facts and descriptions.
Please select itinerary, departure date and number of cabin. Then click “Check Rate” button.
The next page shows up. Please select number of passengers. Then click “View Cabin Rates” button.
Different cabins, transportation and other services are listed with prices. Please make your choice.

Step 3: Use promotion code to save more

After your choosing cabin and other services, our system will summarize your total booking so that you can review again.
In your booking summary, please apply Promotion Code (ex: SUMMER2016) which you can find on our website or sent to your email to save up to $15++ for your booking.

Au Co cruise cabin
Au Co cruise cabin

Step 4: Submit your contact information

Please fill in your personal information as well as note other requests before submitting.
After your sending request successfully, our consultant will come back and work with us as well as book all services as you required.