Mat Quy Islet

Mat quy islet

Mat Quy Islet (Monster Head Islet) is situated in the territory of Bai Tu Long Bay, near Am Islet (Kettle Islet). Mat Quy Islet is about 30-35 meters above the sea level.

 Mat Quy Islet is about 30-35 meters above the sea level. It’s considered as a sculptural masterpiece of the Creator in the vast expanse of water. Looking from a far, it’s easy to imagine the islet is a fossilized head of a monster. The monster head has a big nose on a distorted face.

Boating past the Am Islet some 20 minutes, we see Mat Quy Islet or Monster Head Islet, which protrudes about 30-35m from the waters of Bai Tu Long Bay.
The nature of Mat Quy Islet has carved the rock in the shape of a monster head, with a rough big nose standing out from a distorted face. From whatever angle, one still find it horrible.

This horrible islet is interested by tourists visiting Halong bay. Some local inhabitants believe that the islet is head of the monster which was killed by Kim Quy (the Golden Turtoise) as its criminal against man.

Mat quy islet
Besides the islets, there are lots of different islets you can see in Halong Bay and you can take part in many interesting activities such as kayaking, moutain climbing, dinning in a cave, visiting the floating village. Moreover, you can enjoy lots of delicious dishes in Halong like oyster, Ngan, and Hoanh Bo wine..