Ho Dong Tien Grotto

Ho Dong Tien

Unlike all the other caves in the area of Ha Long Bay, Ho Dong Tien cave relics of many hanging on the walls of the cave, which forms the “attic” long. That’s part of the cave floor were relatively cohesive in nature CaCO3 sure that the background has been eroded by groundwater flow occurs in the cave over thousands of years. If the detailed study of the surviving portions of the cargo may learn more process-level rise, lowering of sea level in the Quaternary Halong.

Ho Dong Tien

It is of great significance for the restoration of historical geology of the area. In many stalactite cave is a column marking the current falls, as a basis to predict that, below the current row has a base stock, and there are stalagmites grow up to support the columns after above. There are things, hang the bottom half is still filled with sediment. That was a mystery to be explored. From the second compartment of the cave Ho Tien has a two-door pool, surrounding a limestone mountain surrounded. Halong people call this type of farm pond. In essence this is a karst funnel with the bottom were flooded. It is a special ecological environment, have recently isolated through sea trade with the system of underground caves and cracks in the limestone. Thus, in the farming systems are often unique organisms that can include many endemic species.

Go through all three compartments of the cave, which left a deep impression of us is its pristine of stalactites. Previously known cave Ho Tien each other is open to tourists for a short time. Then management for travelers in the Gulf does not hang anymore for protection purposes, only the research team will be allowed into the cave. That helped the cave, especially the formation of stalactites in the cave, keeping the natural state, are not harmed by the visits and the technical means attached.

The mass show of stalactites here all seem mysterious his glitter. Every million calcite crystals light up when there is magic in the mild light. That in exploiting caves have never gone, many blocks are as human hands make opaque, smooth, thin, shiny black. The magic of sparkling stalactites put on the inside corner of the pane Tuesday, where a beam of large stalactites hanging down to create a setting that does not think any better known as Jade Bowl. It represents a pretty small crater inside a pearl equivocal. Red-brown mass of millions of breast associated with calcite crystals sparkling reflections of light, fanciful. This masterpiece of nature that needs to be properly protected so that everyone has the opportunity to admire halong bay tour