Bo Hon Island and its beauty


Concerning the most beautiful system of caves and grottos in Halong Bay, visitor can not ignore Bo Hon Island because it not only has a very beautiful landscape but also has one of the greatest subterranean systems in Halong Bay, including many nice caves and grottoes such as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Trinh Nu caveā€¦

There is also a concentration of high mountains with vertical cliffs like citadel wall; mountains follow closely make a huge beautiful watercolour picture on the sea. The island and its surrounding area are perfect for boat trips which lead between many rocks arising high above the sea level.

On the island, many kinds of plants such as Benjamin fig, fern-palm and orchid abound, as well as such animals as monkey and chamois. However, Bo Hon Island is best known for its hidden system of caves and grottoes. Each of them has its own special beauty and is connected to famous and moving legends.