Sa Sung in Halong

Sa Sung
There are many special foods in Ha Long Bay . Almost people will talk about Sa Sung firstly when talk about special food here.

Sa sung (Vietnamese: Sá sùng) is a kind of sea worn. It is found in some sea areas in Vietnam such as: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Con Dao… Its environment is sand. It lives on deep hole under sand. Length of Sa Sung is about 10 – 15cm with blow red. It looks like earth worm but it is bigger. In its bowler is full of sands. Early morning is the best time for local people to catch the worn. While earning food Sa Sung lets a lot of traces on sand. Therefore, local people easy to find down it inside holes following that sign.
Sa Sung
Coming to Quan Lan, a island of Bai Tu Long-Quang Ninh, you should not lose chances to see catching Sa Sung- this kind of organism is the main material make noodle soup dish of Ha Thanh delicious. You should enjoy a dish of fried sa sung with pine apple, it is very nice.
How to cook this dish?
In each region, the worn is cooked in different ways. Dried Sa Sung is similar to dried cuttlefish. It is a kind of ephemera, so that it contains a lot of nutrition. You have to wash them carefully, take sands out of their bowler. You should wash them under water until the worn has the ivory white color. Then, you will make it dried.