Hera Cruises

Hera cruise
Hera cruise

What travelers love about this cruise

  • Hera Cruises is the newest finest luxury boutique cruise in Halong Bay
  • Focus on customizing tours upon guest comfort, time, design and maximize time/ each
  • Butler with excellent F & B skills, and in born talent about smart & touching interactions to reach 1-1 service standard
  • Multiple plans for food and drink themes in restaurant
  • High-class drink list with Hera signature choices included British afternoon tea/cocktail party Utmost privacy with in room services, banquet, stage, lounge, and different dinning areas designed Suppliers materials from reputable suppliers and longstanding brand
Halong cruise
Halong cruise

Room types

Hera Saturn
Located: Forward (bow), starboard side
Linked to agriculture and earth, the story of Saturn is one that extends back to the ancients. One of the giant planets, Saturn is known for its rings, which Galileo first saw in the 17th century. Our Saturn is blessed with plenty.

Hera Mars 
Located: Midship and starboard side
This fiery figure is distinguishable by its red coloring. Our Mars room is one that exudes power, marrying the signifying strength in Eastern and Western traditions.

Hera cruise
Hera cruise

Hera Venus 
Located: Forward (bow), port side
This cabin is the brightest of the planets in the sky, Venus has long captured human attention. A sister to Earth, this celestial being is an inspiration, known as both the “morning star” and “evening star” because of its visibility.

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